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3DMark 2006 has been launched 15 days ago. This new version supports full Shader Model 3.0 as HDR (High Dynamic Range) and is able to show how powerful a dual core CPU can be in 3D scenes thanks to a multi-threaded test. But this new version also raised some questions, legitimate ones, that we decided to ask to the Finnish society.

Tero Sarkkinen / Nicklas Renqvist

Tero Sarkkinen (worldwide sales and marketing manager) and Nicklas Renqvist (Benchmark Development Architect) took the time to answer us, in a complete interview. So, is FutureMark always credible ? Answers are down there.

PCi : Could you introduce yourself and tell what your job is at FutureMark ?

TS : I am Tero Sarkkinen (TS) and I manage our worldwide sales and marketing. This entails working with our customers, partners and the media of course :)

NR : My name is Nicklas Renqvist (NR) and I work as our Benchmark Development Architect. My work is all about our PC benchmarks and to make sure that the benchmarks are reliable, useful and good tools for measuring users gaming performance. I also work closely with our BDP (Benchmark Development Program) members.

PCi : Could you briefly introduce FutureMark and its products ?

TS : Futuremark’s mission is to show the performance of new PC and Smartphone technologies. We carry it out firstly by producing public benchmarks, such as 3DMark, PCMark and SPMark product lines, secondly by powering performance data based online services such as Microsoft Game Advisor, and, thirdly, by making large scale launch demos for the technology giants.

PCi : What kind of relations do you have with the hardware industry players e.g. AMD, Intel, ATI, NVDIA and others? How do you work with them when developing your products ?

TS : We operate a growing program called Benchmark Development Program and it is within that BDP that we work with these and other leading companies (full list at www.futuremark.com/bdp) when we develop new benchmarks. It is a process that is designed to offer equal level of participation and feedback possibilities to all member companies. The process itself starts by Futuremark sending technical questionnaire to all member companies. We then get feedback and can proceed to prepare our proposal for specification for next generation benchmark.

Again, members will get chance to give feedback and based on it we then close the final spec. We then proceed and prepare alpha, beta and release candidate versions of the benchmark in question. Member companies can run those builds in their labs and give us feedback whether it runs normally or if there are any bugs.

This process is the result of over 8 years of working in developing industry standard benchmarks and it enables us to make objective and high quality benchmarks.
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