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Responsable (Web) Marketing - H/F

 marketing, seo, webmarketing, entrepreneur, photographie
  • Société
  • i Fashion My Shirt
  • Posté le
  • 2 août 2012
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  • Salaire
  • A négocier
  • Lieu
  • Shanghaï, Chine

MISSION  : Project Manager for iFMS

Starting Soon.

Minimum Duration 3 months

In the heart of Shanghai, you will be given an inrternship with a lot of responsibilities, incredible missions within a great and and young team of geeks and entrepreneurs. Perfect for the people who likes to be challenged !!!


Marketing and social marketing

Create a big social community around iFMS using all Social Medias, blog, Facebook twitter, Weibo, and others. Organize online events, contests…

Pictorial content: organize photo shootings once every three to four months for the shirt of the brand new week section Select content, trends to give our writers guidelines + Cooperate with our designer to set up some sketches Be in contact with big bloggers and website talking about fashion.

SEO Long term strategy to acquire users and traffic on the web site through ·        

  • Organic SEO
  • Website Content
  • NetLinking Strategy
  • Per Per Clic Strategy Company Strategy   



  • Be evolve in the strategy and decision making as well as the future of the company ·        
  • Getting involved in the creation and project management of the second version of the website ·        
  • Business plans and developments of other categories


Customer relationship manager

A little part of the job will be to talk with the client in case of a problem or to advise them.

Being a Brand Ambassador

  • Going to networking events, to dinners and promote the brand in Shanghai and other cities. You have to be able to easily create a network. You will be dressed up with iFMS shirts and accessories (if you are a girl it will have to wait till we do woman shirts J). Your objective will be to bring as many customers as you can in the Shanghai community to use our services. Manage and organize special events
  • Be keen on what is going on in the Shanghai life, sponsor events, and create a community. Find people who will influence other customers
  • Create a network of sales people in China and develop partnership with companies and Human resources 

Other possible missions

  • Possible opening of stores in Shanghai ·        
  • Organize special events in bars, clubs to promote iFMS ·        
  • Selection of the new fabrics and negotiation with suppliers ·        
  • Going to the factory (the owner is French) to help with the development of new styles, woman shirts, suits, polos…
  • others If you prove to have enough skills, motivations and want to be involve more:


The person you need to be: An Entrepreneur, a Real One”


  • Being self-motivated
  • hardworking, 
  • being able to establish yourself your own planning, deadlines
  • Being able to give clear daily reports to your managers and advise them on the company strategy    
  • Creativity is essential       
  • Proficiency in Photoshop 
  • Having good taste and an eye for photography and movies
  • English fluent ·         
  • Chinese is a plus
  • Being a Fashionista is a plus 


Being able to work in a team and in a young and friendly environment. Be proactive in the office life.



  • Having a senior SEO-SEM expert to guide you through all the tasks
  • Having young professionals to help you with the website
  • Very high quality product for a very decent price (easy to sell)
  • Management team behind you
  • Working within the web agency IT Consultis 


  • Salary: Internship 2,000 RMB/ mois    
  • Breakfast and lunch included
  • 3 shirts per month for free ·         
  • Possible training for the IT and website part for personal knowledge
  • Networking event paid up to 1,500 RMB / month

Full time position after the internship: Up to you and how the business will go

Offre pourvue !